Keeping pace with developments in Anti stripping agent and adhesion promoter technology, our extensive R&D has led to the development of Silane based anti stripping agent ENVIRO ANTI-STRIP – SILANE.

This organosilicon compound, is a highly effective anti-stripping agent and adhesion promoter for asphalt and bitumen. Our silane based anti-strip additive is extremely powerful, and its dosage starts from 0.05% by weight of Bitumen.

The pour point and cloud point of silane anti stripping agent is well below - 5 Celcius

  • These products are based on nanotechnology and are extremely powerful products.
  • They also have the added advantage of being environment friendly as compared to amine based products.
Silane anti stripping agents are available for all markets including USA, South Africa, Netherlands, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina , United Kingdom, Spain, Poland, Sweden, Chile, Russia etc.

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